Bringing Coop's
in-store and digital experience to life

Motion design for both digital products and concept videos.

Client: Coop
Agency contractor:
 BBH Stockholm
Role: Motion Experience Designer
Timeframe: Feb 2020 - Jun 2021

Coop is one of the major grocery providers in Sweden, pushing the front for digital innovation for both the consumers and the employees.

BBH is Coop's digital innovation partner, designing the new frontier of digi-physical grocery shopping. I had the pleasure to be contracted by BBH as a motion graphics specialist to collaborate with the team and add a layer of motion design, focusing on both UX goals and brand expression.



Coop is striving to become the market leader when is comes to sustainable grocery shopping. A big part of that is leveraging digital innovation to let the consumers make smart decisions.


The goal for my work was to enhance and tie together their digital services, in-store experiences & communication through cohesive motion design that engages the users.


A framework for

Concept videos

As new digital services and features are launched a great need for well crafted concept videos arises. To make the process more efficient and close-knit, I created a framework for the video production, containing guidelines and examples for writing, storyboarding, design principles, visual style, reusable components & formatting for social platforms.


Concept video

Pocket Dashboard

A high-paced introduction video presenting the new employee application designed by BBH & Coop: Pocket Dashboard - a smart tool that feeds staff with structured and actionable sales insights on the go.


Concept video

Scan & Pay

A launch video giving a visual introduction to the Coop Scan & Pay app - an in-store grocery shopping app with self-scanning as the main functionality.